What is a Forex Pair?

What is a forex pair?

What is a Forex Pair?

The market for foreign exchange is global and quite active for most parts of the week. Approximately 170 different currencies are in use worldwide. A currency pair can be referred to as a forex pair. It basically expresses the value of one currency with regard to another. Only a small percentage of the approximately 28,000 possible pairings actually make up for the maximum number of trades that are made across the trade market.

What impacts it?

Numerous variables affect a currency’s value relative to another. Some of such factors are as follows:

  • Trading volume
  • Central banks’ interest
  • The state of the economy

What are its types?

There are three categories of currency pairs: major, minor, and exotic.

  • Major currency pairs allow traders to buy and sell the US dollar for other widely traded currencies. The volatility of these pairs is far lower than that of exotic and minor currency pairs.
  • The minor currency pairs trade smaller currencies or one another for well-known ones, such as the euro or the pound. These have less trading volume than the major pairs, but they are also fairly well-known.
  • When a newly emerging currency is exchanged for a widely-used currency, this creates an exotic currency pair. The bid-ask spread for exotic pairs is typically quite large. Typically, the prices fluctuate a lot.

What is a forex pair made of?

There are two components to a Forex pair: the quote currency and the base currency. Typically, a trader uses the quote currency to purchase the base currency. While the quote currency is written on the right side, the base currency is always placed on the left of the pair in terms of representation and is always one unit. The price quotation comes next. This indicates how much code currency a trader would need in order to purchase base currency.


There are a variety of websites and applications that can be quite useful for people who are interested in investing in currency pairs. If you want to be well-informed before investing in the Forex trade market, you should definitely do some research. 

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